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Chúng tôi rất đánh giá cao tất cả những người ủng hộ chúng tôi!

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Quận Scott, Athens, Quận Meigs, Quận Grainger, Crossville


Trường đại học of TN

Irish Medicine is a health science organization that aims to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the healthcare field and the industry as a whole. It is under the umbrella of Advanced Medical Pathways. This parent organization is dedicated to operating a health science training academy focused on placing students in clinical roles within the Knoxville area and equipping them with the essential medical training to excel in their respective positions!!!

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Rural Health Association of Tennessee

Founded in 1995, The Rural Health Association of Tennessee (RHA) is a 501c3 non-profit leading the way for a healthy Tennessee through partnerships, advocacy, education, and resources. Our members of rural primary care providers, school health professionals, mental and behavioral health providers, and others are committed to the vision of becoming among the healthiest states in America. We believe in the power of listening and learning through direct service, advancing professional knowledge and development, and elevating the voices of rural Tennesseans.

Nền xanh

giải pháp trả lại

Return Solutions provides SMLC with an avenue to dispose of expired medications safely.  They provide a safe, simple and approved way to dispose of unwanted, unsaleable pharmaceutical products.  

Tư vấn y tế trực tuyến

sức khỏe giao ước

Covenant Health is a generous Corporate Sponsor of the St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic.

Bản Kinh thánh King James

Nhà thờ Thánh Phanxicô Assisi,

Fairfield Glade, Hội đồng Phụ nữ Công giáo

Not only do some of our wonderful volunteers for the St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic come from Saint Francis of Assisi Church in Fairfield Glade, but also in June 2014 and 2015, we received a very generous donations from their Council of Catholic Women. In 2015 the Council of Catholic Women invited us to share more about the clinic and many members were very generous in their donations. To learn more about Saint Francis of Assisi Church, please click here.

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Tổ chức Di sản St. Mary của Đông TN

The St. Mary’s Legacy Foundation of East Tennessee was formed in 2011 to continue to provide support for the ministry begun by the Sisters of Mercy with the opening of St. Mary’s Hospital in 1930.  It was initially made possible through funds provided by the sale of Mercy Health Partners to Health Management Associates.

The St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic is very grateful to the St. Mary’s Legacy foundation for the purchase of our vehicle, the initial operating costs, and a down payment for our new facility. 


Tennessee Charitable

Care Network

The Tennessee Charitable Care Network supports, educates, and represents non-profit organizations that provide charitable health care services to low-income, uninsured, and underserved Tennesseans.  

Colleges & Universities

We have amazing students from many Colleges and Universities that help move our clinic forward in many ways. 
From patient intake and appointments to patient education, these students assist not only our clinic operations, but our deserving patients as well.   Depending on their program, they will receive credit for their time.  
Are you a student interested in being a part of this?  Contact us at 865.212.5570 today!


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Đại học Tiểu bang Arizona


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Y học Ireland


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