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Volunteer Positions

Do any of these positions suit your strengths? We would love to have you on our volunteer team!

Medical Positions

If you have medical training, here are some great volunteer opportunities. 

Medical Provider

Have a heart for compassionate patient care? Join our team! 

Purpose & Impact of Position: Provides in-person and/or remote primary care and/or consultation services for patients of SMLC

Qualifications: MD, DO, NP, or PA (active license; board certification preferred)

Location(s): On-site clinics and/or remote for telehealth


Enjoy hands-on patient care? This position is for you!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Provide professional nursing care including completing lab draws and point-of-care tests, assisting provider(s) with procedures, and preparing patient rooms

Qualifications: RN or LPN (active license)

Location(s): On-site clinics

Patient Education

Are you a teacher at heart? Help our patients understand their care!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Provide patient education, support, and referral resources to patients as recommended by provider(s)

Qualifications: RN, LPN, or trained with clinical knowledge in another capacity (license unneeded)

Location(s): On-site clinics and/or remote if telehealth

Triage/Medical Assistant

Use your medical skills to help change lives!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Provide professional nursing care including obtaining medical histories and vital signs from patients during their appointment

Qualifications: EMT, MA, LPN, RN, or equivalent background (active license) 

Location(s): On-site clinics

Non-Medical Positions

Not medical? We have many opportunities for all skills and strengths.

Clinic Driver

Our clinic would not get to partner sites without you!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Safely drives clinic to and from partnership site

Qualifications: CDL Class B (or higher) and endorsement for air brakes

Location(s): On-site clinics

Click Here to learn more. 


Have a great smile? You are the face of our clinic!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Face of the clinic, greeting and welcoming patients for their appointments

Location(s): On-site clinics


Love a fast-moving line? This position is for you!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Complete patient check-in and input/confirm demographic information for patient appointments

Location(s): On-site clinics

Site Manager

We have the tech to make your job easy!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Ensure smooth operation of the Clinic site and coordinate volunteers as their first-line resource for assistance and workflow

Location(s): On-site clinics (remote as needed between clinics)


Many of our patients could not receive care without you!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Interpret patient encounters for both patients and providers

Qualifications: Professional proficiency in both Spanish and English; or Russian and English

Location(s): On-site clinics and/or remote for telehealth

Maintenance Repair 

Do you consider yourself a handyperson or a fixer? We could use a volunteer skilled at a wide range of repairs or maintance specifically in the clinic/warehouse.

Purpose & Impact of Position: These tasks include trade skills, repair work, and maintanence work.

Location(s): In-person at clinic or warehouse

Administrative Assistance

Help us with smiling and dialing!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Assist clinic with administrative tasks including patient reminder calls, appointment scheduling, and other office-related tasks

Location: Clinic office and/or remote

Community Outreach Volunteer

Want to help spread the word about our amazing Clinic out in the communities we serve?  Be an outreach coordinator!

Purpose & Impact of Position: Be our ‘boots on the ground’ in each community when a staff member cannot be there in person.  Whether that is distributing flyers around the community, reaching out to community leaders, volunteering at community events, we would be grateful to have you!  You would work directly with the Community Outreach Coordinator on a case by case basis when something comes up in the community. 

Location(s): In your respective community and/or remote

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