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Patient Story: Teresa

Patient Story: Teresa

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Patient Story: Teresa

Teresa shares her story of receiving care at St. Mary's Legacy Clinic.

I was so impressed with everything from the kindness of the hospitality people, to the thoroughness of the triage, to the impressive medical clinic you have created! To have this free healthcare option is life changing and life giving for many who would not be able to receive care otherwise. I am so thankful for that.

The thing that struck me even more than that though, was the way you cared for each person there the same way. The love and compassion shown to one population was echoed in an opposite population. Income didn’t matter, race and ethnicity didn’t matter, documented or undocumented didn’t matter. You love shined over it all.

This is not just a medical clinic but a place to be seen, heard, and respected as a human being who matters. For that most of all, I thank you on behalf of my clients and the others who receive care there at Legacy.

Patient Advocate