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September 16 & 17, 2023

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"I'm not going to be around to see him grow up" - Ginger Holland shares how St. Mary's Legacy Clinic helped her regain her health so she could "be here for him" and see her grandson "grow up".  Make a difference in the lives of our patients!

Make an Impact


Interested in Volunteer Opportunities?

Reasons to Give

  • We are growing!  We have seen 106 new patients since the beginning of the year!  

  • In 2023 we celebrate 10 years of incorporation.  We hope to fund the next 10 years!

  • SMLC needs a new home for our team. 

  • We are in need of a replacement mobile medical unit. 

  • We wish to extend our reach in East TN.

  • Without our patients, we do not exist; but without your generosity, we cannot meet their needs. 

Extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to rural East Tennessee by providing high-quality, compassionate healthcare of the whole person based on Catholic values.


Continuing the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy by providing primary care to improve the lives of the medically underserved in the rural areas of East Tennessee through our clinics, volunteers and partnerships.


St. Mary's Legacy Clinic (SMLC) provides holistic primary healthcare to the medically underserved and connects its patients to advanced care through its partners. 

What We Do

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